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Procesos artesanales

Moldes y artículos para procesos
artesanales y semi-artesanales.


Art Glass

Containers, marbles, glassware and art produced by semi-automatic or manual process under different technics like blowing, cast, pressed, manual press-blow, fusing with different pre-formed glasses. Among some products we supply:

Gathering balls

Balls to gather glass with the pipe, manual or by robots. Produced with high purity materials. Easy selection and due to the internal thread, also easy to install to the pipe. Ceramic bonded material. Sphere, elliptic and conic forms available.

Sizes from 1 up to 4 inches.


Custom size production. Zircon and high alumina.


Plastic refractory

Versatile material for molding the form and size at the end of the pipe to gather the glass according to your needs. Size distribution and purity designed to obtain an excellent plasticity product and performance.


We manufacture under special formula, standard forms as bricks. Also we provide fiber based mastic, mortars and concretes. We distribute products from HarbisonWalker International.