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High flexibility and service

Glass Containers

Our refractory compositions are slip cast, not chemically bonded or pressed, making sure a homogeneous ceramic body with a densely packed surface. We have been supplying feeder expendables to container plants for over 40 years. We have proven performance and short lead-times.

Feeder expendables

We offer a wide range of expendable refractory parts including orifice rings, stirrers, feeder tubes, spouts and plungers for container glass manufacturers. Our refractory parts withstand high temperature environments and thermal shock.

They are mainly manufactured by slip cast process, but also by vibrocast processes. The selection and usage of reliable raw materials is a priority and the base of our quality and efficiency.

We are devoted to help our customers, when individual product design is needed we specialize in custom refractory product development.

With expendables fast response is imperative, we understand the commitment. We have high flexibility and service with the best proven lead times.


Material with good thermal shock resistance. Zircon refractory recommended for feeder tubes, orifice rings, plungers and stirrers working with any type of glass .


Ideal for applications requiring thermal shock resistance and excellent working properties. Recommended for feeder tubes, orifice rings and spouts in special glasses at high operating temperatures.


Material with high zircon content and excellent corrosion resistance.

Recommended in applications where extended life is desired.


Material with excellent thermal stability and resistance to abrasion. Recommended in numerous applications in the glass industry, ceramics, chemical and steel processing.

Orifice ring assemblies

Additional gasket, packing clay and stainless steel orifice ring holder can be supplied. These parts can be purchased individually or as complete matched assemblies.

Orifice ring holder

Made in one piece from casted stainless steel. Machined inside and outside, in single, double, triple and quadruple gob; as well as, elliptical exit. We also have options of stainless steel punched in one piece, two pieces in stainless steel, combination with carbon steel or 100% carbon steel.


Dimensional design according to the refractory orifice and its holder, with remarkable performance due to coating that avoids volatilities. Seals between the orifice ring and the spout. It is a clean and efficient alternative available in a range of diameters.

Refractory clay

This product allows a good packing as well as a certain porosity to eliminate excess moisture.

Forehearth refractories

We manufacture superstructure refractories, cover blocks, mantle blocks and burner blocks. New designs, individual requirements, we offer flexibility and experience in an excellent delivery time.


Stacker bar contact material, machine, accurate product. Reduces or eliminates product rejections by “check”. Excellent cost-benefit ratio. Adaptability to preexisting mechanisms. High resistance at high temperatures. We offer design optimization engineering according to customer needs.