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 Solutions in the production

 of ceramics for industrial use

Technical ceramics

Technical ceramics or industrial ceramics cover many different specialized ceramics with unique mechanical,

electrical and thermal properties. We offer flexible solutions for cordierite, mullite, thermodielectric and

refractory ceramics. Challenges that cannot be overcome with conventional materials.

Thermo-dielectric ceramics

Ceramic supporting materials for electric elements and furnaces in a variety of forms. Good mechanical strength, high electrical resistance and good thermal shock resistance.

We select the most appropriate mix for the given set of requirements; when necessary, we can also formulate custom mixtures.

Custom designed ceramics

Ceramic components can be specially designed. Produce by slip casting or extrusion we can offer a variety of discs, tubes, ellipses, stoppers, sleeves, contact blocks, support blocks, spacers and others in different formulas.

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