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40 years
Experience manufacturing refractory orifice rings


Standard or custom-designed


Welcome to Refractarios Especiales Leon

We offer efficient and innovative solutions in refractories. Based on our more than 40 years of experience, we develop products and services to satisfy your needs.

Custom designs

When individually product is needed we specialize in custom refractory product development in excellent time.


High flexibility and service. From consulting through engineering, we can bring you a comprehensive know-how in refractories.


We bring solutions in achieving your goals. Whether new construction, repair, maintenance or optimization.

Thermal shock

Furnace refractories to respond high temperature challenges in glass, ceramic, electric and steel applications.

Raw Materials

The selection of materials is a priority. The usage of reliable raw materials is the base of our quality and efficiency.


We offer a wide range of materials for installations and modifications. Imported products for specific applications.



Applications and designs


Our Services

Your product is optimally planned

Cost - benefit

The current manufacturing requires to be flexible and we understand the value of your business, so we seek to offer products with prices and performance that respond to the needs of each customer.

Delivery times

The flexibility that characterizes our team and manufacturing processes allows us to provide customized solutions with low delivery times.

Design and Engineering

With more than 40 years of experience, we offer the technical assistance required in the development of new refractories that respond to updates, changes and / or improvements in their industrial processes.


Our customers

Some of the companies with whom we collaborate solidly.

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